By 1979, I think it’s pretty accurate to state that society as a whole was in dire need of some change. Things really were a mess. While adults danced the night away in hotbeds of sin called discos, swapped spouses at morally-deficient “key parties” and walked around in clothing that can only be described as atrocious, their teenage offspring were out in the woods smoking cigarettes, doing “donuts” in fast food restaurant parking lots, and using lighters and ink-stained needles to tattoo crude flowers or off-kilter pentagrams on each other’s skin. Even pre-teens routinely dropped acid, disrespected elders and set random things on fire just to keep themselves entertained. The hippie dream of 1969 had most certainly turned into a nightmare over the short span of only ten years. Fortunately, things were about to change–the bright, fun-filled 80s were on their way to save the day, and to paraphrase 80s legend Tony Carey, it was about to become a fine, fine time to be alive!

This funblog hopes to bring back some great memories by examining the various trends, topics, cultural events, consumer goods, books, movies, tv shows and music of that era. And whatever else we can think of. Please note that a funblog is different from a regular blog in ways that will soon become apparent.

Thanks for stopping by!

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