Love, Sidney

sidney photo

Was that REALLY Felix Unger in those tight jeans with the dirty knees and black bandana in the right back pocket, buying drinks for all the rent boys and doing poppers down in the last stall on the left??

Well, not quite.

Love, Sidney may have been “about” a gay man, but this was a refined gay man, like the two dudes from Frasier, and since this was 1981 and not the Twenty-Teens his homosexuality was only ever alluded to for maybe 11 seconds total over the course of 44 episodes. There was no shrieking along with the On A Clear Day You Can See Forever soundtrack LP or catty, arch barbs about Swoosie Kurtz’s latest denim pantsuit or buff, sexually-confused construction workers tiptoeing out of Sidney’s bedroom at dawn. At least I don’t think there was. Surely you’ll forgive me for not sitting down for a long weekend with the VHS box set to find out.

Let’s just call this a quite forgettable early 80s sitcom about a kind man who provides shelter for a single mom and her little daughter that garnered plenty of publicity for a “twist” that never really materialized once the show actually started and leave it at that. I think Tony Randall would have wanted it that way.